Roblox Snap Simulator Wiki

1st Infinity Gem

The 1st infinity gem is at Pvp Zone, Wait for white portal to appear, go in, complete the parkour, win a 1vs1, And collect the stone!

2nd Infinity Gem

2nd infinity gem is at Mental Dimension, Find the maze,Solve it, Kill Doctor Xtrange(750M HP), and collect the stone!

3rd Infinity Gem

3rd infinity gem is again in Mental Dimension, Unlock dwarfs zone, Kill 100 Dwarfs(each of them has 50M HP) and collect the stone!

4th Infinity Gem

4th infinity gem is in Mental Dimension too, Unlock Titan,Kill 100 Super Krills(each of them has 175M HP) and collect the stone!

5th Infinity Gem

5th infinity gem is located in Quantum Realm, Find 100 Stone fragments and collect the stone!

6th Infinity Gem

6th infinity gem is the hardest one to get, its located in Destroyed Revengers HQ, Unlock it by getting Revengers HQ for 15 Rebirths, then find a platform with a Order Orbital Attack text, then go in, Kill all Revengers in that zone, and collect the last stone!

Extra info

You dont have to do it in order, i just showed how you can do it in easier way :)

Revengers HP(for last stone)

Location of Every Revenger For Last GemStone: Destroyed Revengers HQ

Newbula: 950M HP

Newbula Location


Irony Man: 900M HP

Irony Man Location

More info how to get to Irony Man is at Irony Man Page

Irony Man

Captain Marvellous: 3B HP

Captain Marvellous Location

Captain Marvellous

Buffed Shrek: 3B HP

Warning!: His cars are op, but easy to dodge

Buffed Shrek Location

Buffed Shrek

Thor and Rocket: 1,5B HP

Thor and Rocket Location

Thor and Rocket

Dark Panther: 600M HP

Dark Panther Location

Dark Panther

Black Widow: 900M HP

Black Widow Location

Black Widow

Audition: 900M HP

Audition Location


Captain Democracy: 900M HP

Warning!: When he is at half HP(or less) He summons all Revengers Alive to him!

Captain Democracy Location

Captain Democracy