Roblox Snap Simulator Wiki

Main Zone

First zone that you will see is Farmer Zone (i call it like that).

Farmer Zone

There will be NPC'S like Townsman(5HP),




And Farmer Overseer(120HP)

Farmer Overseer

At the Farmer Zone you can find 3 Pet Eggs and a Pet Upgrade Machine. More info at Pets Page!

Eggs And Pet Upgrade Machine

There are teleports to many other zones in the game!


Next Zone that you will see is Revengers City. Price: 1.5K Gold

Revengers City pt1

Revengers City pt2

NPC'S: Civilian Cosplayer(300HP)

Civilian Cosplayer



And the last NPC, Policeman(1500HP)


There are no pets in this zone. But there is a Boss hidden...

Next zone is Techno Savanna. Price: 50K Gold

Techno Savanna pt1

Techno Savanna pt2

You can find there Tier 4 Pet egg. More info at Pets Page.

NPC'S: Tech Tribal Cosplayer(15K HP)

Tech Tribal Cosplayer

Savage Tech Tribal(45K HP)

Savage Tech Tribal

Royal Guard(75K HP)

Royal Guard

There is a boss hidden in this zone...

Last Zone in Main Map is Exo Asgard. Price: 5M Gold

Exo Asgard pt1

Exo Asgard pt2

You can find there a Tier 5 Pet Egg. More info at Pets Page.

NPC'S: Space Viking(500K HP)

Space Viking

Cosmic Skaald(5M HP)

Cosmic Skaald

And the last NPC, Exo Valkirie(15M HP)

Exo Valkirie

There is a boss hidden somewhere...

Mental Dimension

Mental Dimension. Price: 300M Gold

Monks Zone is the first zone you will see in Mental Dimension

Monks Zone pt1

Monks Zone pt2

There is only one NPC, Monk(30M HP)


There is also a secret maze leading to Doctor Xtrange, more info at Infinity Gems and Bosses

There is no pet egg

Next Zone in Mental Dimension is Dwarf Zone. Price: 2.5B Gold

You can obtain there an Infinity Gem, more info at Infinity Gems

Dwarf Zone pt1

Dwarf Zone pt2

There is only one NPC, Dwarf(50M HP)


There is no pet egg

Last zone in Mental dimension Is Titan Zone. Price: 5B Gold

You can obtain there an Infinity Gem, more info at Infinity Gems

Titan Zone pt1

Titan Zone pt2

There are two NPC'S: Krill(150M HP)


Super Krill(175M HP)

Super Krill

There is no pet egg

Quantum Realm

Quantum Realm. Price: 30 B Gold

First zone is literally Quantum Realm too.

You can obtain the Infinity Gem here.

Quantum Realm

You can find Tier 6 Pet Egg, more info at Pets Page.

There are 2 NPC'S there, Schrodinger Cat(210M HP)

Schrodinger Cat

And Tardigrade(250M HP)


There are also 2 Bosses in here.. More info at Bosses Page

Next zone in Quantum Realm is Revengers HQ. Requirements: 15 Rebirths

You can find there Tier 7 Pet Egg. More info at Pets Page

Revengers HQ pt1

Revengers HQ pt2

There are three NPC'S in this zone, Security Guard(360M HP)

Security Guard

SHIELD Agent(500M HP)


And last one SHIELD OPs(720M HP)


There are also 2 hidden bosses in here... More info at Bosses.

Next And the Last Zone in Quantum Realm is Destroyed Revengers HQ. Requirements: Just find the Order Orbital Attack Pad after you unlock Revengers HQ Zone.

You can obtain there the Last Infinity Gem

Destroyed Revengers HQ pt1

Destroyed Revengers HQ pt2

Destroyed Revengers HQ pt3

There is no pet eggs in there

In Destroyed Revengers HQ there are only bosses for last Infinity Gem and a teleport to Ultra Boss queue

Area 51

Area 51. Price: 1M Diamonds

First zone is literally Area 51

You can find there Tier 8 Pet Egg, More info at Pets page.

Area 51 pt1

Area 51 pt2

In this zone there are 2 NPC's, Conspiranoic(1B HP)


And Training Soldier(1,2B HP)

Training Soldier

Next zone is Area 51 Basement. Price: 10M Diamonds

Area 51 Basement pt1

Area 51 Basement pt2

Area 51 Basement pt3

Area 51 Basement pt4

There are 2 NPC's, Meta Soldier(2B HP)

Meta Soldier

And Kree Invader(2B HP)

Kree Invader

You can also upgrade your Spider Glove in there.

Spider Glove Upgrade

Extra Zones

PVP Zone, here you can get kills badge for skins at Endgame zone. By getting more rebirhts u can upgrade your stats on PVP

PVP Zone

PVP Zone Spawn

Here you can obtain an Infinity Gemstone, more info at Infinity Gemstones page

Spider Man Arena, here you can upgrade your Spider Glove by killing enemy team NPC's, you can also equip the Spider Glove here too. Its located at the middle of the map

Spider Man Arena

Spider Man Arena pt2

Spider Man Arena pt3

Spider Man Arena pt4

I will update this page as soon as new extra zones/zones will be added!